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Not before Christmas - Bernard Brogue
© words & music by Bernard Brogue.

‘Not before Christmas’ is geïnspireerd door het verhaal van een vriendin wiens relatie op springen stond net voor de feest- dagen: “Laten we het met de kerst maar niet uitmaken” zei ze tegen haar vriend, “want dan word ik er elk jaar weer aan herinnerd”.
‘Not before Christmas’ is een tegenhanger van de zalvende kersthits en deze opname is een re-mix van dit kerst- juweeltje. Het is voor het eerst in 2006 uitgebracht, als single van de CD ‘Escape the day’. Op die CD verzorgt onder andere Kaz Lux (ex-Brainbox) gastvocalen bij een van de nummers.

"It would be easy to say that listening to a typical Bernard Brogue track like Birdwatching conjures up the same mood as Solid Air or Pink Moon but nowadays there are a multitude of singer songwriters who invoke the names of John Martyn and Nick Drake in an effort to share in their magic and give the impression that they stand on the shoulders of those giants.

Bernard would be the first to note their influence and yet he has never lost sight of his own original sound. Bernard is unique. His songs come from his travels, which is to say the journey of his heart as much as his literal wanderings.

His song writing is expressed through complex guitar motifs and superb arrangements played by musicians like Vincent Gal, Tom Janssen and a host of other contributors including former Brainbox-singer Kaz Lux. Bernard shares his passion for song writing with other writers and musicians and shares his talent in the best way possible, by collaborating with them to give his songs (and theirs) depth and meaning.

I’ve been lucky enough to have co-written several songs with Bernard and I’ve seen that effort provide us with songs of which I am immensely proud. It’s sad to say but almost inevitable that, in this day of marketing and consumerism, even someone as individual as Bernard has to be filed under a particular category in order to be heard and so, if I was drawn, I would say his music could best be described as Celtic jazz, which he sets against contemporary lyrics that let us into his wandering heart. Now that is unique.”

Tom Fairnie

Bernard Brogue belongs to the British 'school' of singer-songwriters like John Martyn, Nick Drake and Irishman Luka Bloom. Though he still performs solo, Bernard performs frequently with Tom Janssen on fretless bass and Vincent Gal on drums and percussion.

“Certainly there’s some reason the way it goes. Know in my dreams the truth will show.”

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New album by Bernard Brogue & Tammo Tamminga ‘Laif o laif’

This album is a collaboration with Tammo Tamminga. Ten songs in the Groningse dialect. New songs,translations and new versions of old material.

Nieuwe CD Bernard Brogue & Tammo Tamminga ‘Laif o laif’.

Tien liedjes in het Gronings. Nieuwe liedjes, vertalingen en nieuwe versies van bestaand werk.

Lees hier een recensie op New Folk Sounds.

Also available on: CDbaby and Spotify

Interview Omroep Gelderland 11 december 2015 - Not Before Christmas



Not Before Christmas (remix)
Forever anywhere
I'd better go
I'm gonna make you...
Mourning flight
Show me your rainbow



Bernard Brogue

belongs to the British ‘school’ of singer-songwriters like John Martyn, Nick Drake and Allan Taylor.
Bernard has made several trips to Scotland. In 1996 his song 'Down River', later to appear on his debut album 'Birdwatching', was voted second in a very high standard singer-songwriters contest at the Edinburgh International Festival. In Spring 1997 he did a small but successful solo tour in London and performed succesfully at the legendary folkclubs Bunjies and The 12 Bar.

Since the autumn of 2001 he performs with his new band featuring Vincent Gal on drums and percussion and Tom Janssen om fretless bass and keyboards.

Though he still performs solo, Bernard performs frequently with Tom Janssen on fretless bass and Vincent Gal on drums and percussion.

Singer-songwriter Bernard Brogue travels frequently between Holland and Scotland and is very much appreciated in the venues there.

Tom Janssen

finished musicuniversity in 1992 in Arnhem. He studied double bass and electric bass.

He played in classical orchestras, toured with the Dutch studentsorchestra and in some jazzbands (Guus Tangelder Bigband en het Markus Turk Quintet).
He also played in several pop –and rockbands. He now playes with Alice Springs, a rockband and the Bernard Brogue Band. He teaches bass on the musicschool of Arnhem.

In his homestudio he is recording his own music which is symphonic rock (a bit like Genesis).
In his own music bassguitar, chapmanstick and synthesizers play an important role.

Vincent Gal

plays drums and percussion and studied musicuniversity in Arnhem.

In his childhood he already started with pots and pans and since those days he has been playing modern music. He is a sessionmusician and freelancer and played in Grupo Azul, Orquesta Salabor, Sub rosa, Miles High, Easy Eddy and The Sweet Lovers, Jamback Affair and, of course, still going strong: the Bernard Brogue Band . Noteworthy: once a year he's recording a song with Jaap Krijger, another famous Dutch songwriter.

His set-up is a combination of percussion-instruments and more common drumaccessoires. All together he makes his own characteristic sound out of his instruments.


"This is a rock solid entry in the singer songwriter rock genre. There are clearly folk roots apparent along with plenty of acoustic guitar, but the music is lightly flowing folk rock music. The band whips up some intriguing sounds and atmosphere quite often which keeps the interest up the whole way through these twelve songs. I particularly like Brogue’s voice as he reminds me a lot of Irv Mowrey of Subway and Mowrey & Watson. And at times, the songs live up to those lofty standards as well. This is really good… really good. I would write more, but I would rather listen again and just drift away."
© David Hintz Folkworld

"Het nieuwe album klinkt volwassen, tussen jazz, folk en pop. Tussen Luka Bloom en John Martyn. Lichtvoetiger dan Nick Drake, maar met genoeg sfeervolle momenten en vooral bassist Janssen schittert met mooi spel. Voor liefhebbers van eigenzinnige singersongwriters."
(Erik Mundt, Platomania 10-07-2013)

"De meeste nummers zijn klein gehouden qua bezetting, de nadruk ligt op de zang waarvoor in de mix veel ruimte is geschapen. Bernard Brogue heeft een breekbare manier van zingen, zijn teksten gaan over onderwerpen als verlies, liefde en illusie. Omdat de mix droog is gehouden is het net alsof hij bij de luisteraar in de huiskamer staat te spelen en te zingen. De liedjes klinken daardoor zeer direct en het maakt de kwetsbaarheid zeer voelbaar. Mooi luisteralbum."
(NTB Muziekwereld, december 2013)

"Op Trick Of Light is te horen waarom: de man weet hoe hij goede, pakkende melodie en moet schrijven. Hij werkt zijn ideeën uit met vaste begeleiders Vincent Gal (drums) en Tom Janssen (bas) op een manier de nog het meest doet denken aan een toegankelijkere versie van Nick Drake."
"Toch zitten de arrangementen te goed in elkaar om ze als achtergrond muziek te bestempelen. Een prima luisterplaat die vooral oprechtheid uitstraalt."
(Stefan Sjoers, Musicmaker 11-2013)


Trick of light

Man’s made out of muddy water
Moving on a troubled road
At night I’m fishing, chasing after
Watch the evening primrose to unfold


Fly me through the hazy night
Seduce me, then please hold me tight
Let me touch you, feel you ‘till the dawn
‘Till the morning breaks our trick of light

Your silky skin smells like sweet honey
I am bound to like a bee
Watch your amber body, hot and sunny
I believe there’s more than I can see

I wanna go trippin’ all the way
And join the gloomy game you play
Let’s fly as high as we can
Leave me floating on a cloud
Blissful, legless roam about
Let me touch you, feel you ‘till the dawn
‘Till the morning breaks our trick of light


Well, I try to chase away the devil
I need him to know what’s wrong and right
So I need to find out, go out and revel
Dancing through the shady side of night

(repeat chorus)

© 2009 Music & words by Bernard Brogue

Falling leaves, falling rain

Falling leaves
Falling rain
Wasting tears
I’ll never cry again

Ì changed the way
I look at you
A different day
Another point of view

The wind can change
A change of mood
From heart’s desire
To greed is good
You take too much
You take too much
I’m bare now
In root and branch.

Winter worn
Brooding skies
Creaking gates
That tantalise

No-one there
Just a breeze
An empty heart
With bare trees.

© 2006 Music by Bernard Brogue. Words by Thomas Yule Fairnie.

I’d better go

I was born to let go of her,
Get rid of broken chains
Too young to notice
All the heart sustains

I wandered in the garden
Watched the butterflies and birds
Lose myself in fantasies to relieve the hurts

My playground grew up with me
That space filled me with fear
Afraid of my heart’s desire
And love that came too near


Now I take the train and rail / the boat and float
Guided by the tracks/ carried by the waves
No one can hold me off my way and I ‘ll decide/say someday

I’d better go (3x)
As soon as I’m ready I will let you know.

You may think I’m selfish
I’m doing what I wanna do
But I’m giving all my kisses
And all my cares to you

You try to cage me in your nest
While you say you love me so
You are even not aware
You will make me go

Now I... (chorus)

© 2007 Music & words by Bernard Brogue

Forever, anywhere

Now they are all empty days
A glass to you, my friend, I’ll raise
Memories may heal the pain I feel
What else is left since you’re gone?

Hours take more time than before
I Wish I could hear your footsteps at my door

The secrets we shared, your voice now unheard
Though singing in my heart, you’re still there
Forever, anywhere

What else is left for me to do?
But cherish a precious place for you
I’ll hold the flame that carries your name
And burning in my heart, you’re still there
Forever, anywhere

© 2007 Music by Bernard Brogue, words by Bernard Brogue and Thomas Yule Fairnie

Wash Away The Rock

The sea and the salt
The salt and the sand
Hand in hand at the end

I heard of a fall
The greatest of all
The one they call Peter The Rock.

The turning tide
The moonlit ride
A fall from pride's ascent.

Always and forever
Forever eternal
Unchanging the way that we were
For all we know the undertow
Takes its share from the shore.

Our love was a landslide from the aftershock
We watched the tide wash away the rock,
Wash away the rock.

No matter how pure
We once were
We're never so sure we can't part.

For the lives we lead
The scythe and the seed
The cuts that bleed from our hearts

Nothing will last
Nothing holds fast
Dust on the path that we walk.

Always and forever...

Our love was a landslide...

© 2005 Music by Bernard Brogue, words by Thomas Yule Fairnie & Bernard Brogue

I’m gonna make you feel you’re mine

Now that for you each knowing lover mourns
Don’t leave me down at dawn
Please, don’t disappoint my expectations this time
I’m gonna make you feel you’re mine
I’m gonna make you feel you’re mine

Your feelings might be contravene of what I feel to you
Don’t deny that they’re true
Don’t want to oppress you, don’t want to posses you
Only want to make you feel your you’re mine.
I’m gonna make you feel you’re mine.

I never will force you
I’ll never cause you pain
You’ll be without restraint
Don’t distrust, don’t wait ‘till we’re returned into dust
I only want to make you feel you’re mine

Now that for you each knowing lover cries
Don’t make me feel something dies inside.
Please, don’t disappoint my expectations this time
I’m gonna make you feel you’re mine
I’m gonna make you feel you’re mine

Please, don’t disappoint my expectations this time
Don’t leave me standing in the cold blue moon tonight
Please don’t you forget about me this time
Oh this time, oh time.

© 1988 Music & words by Bernard Brogue

You’ve ruined my heart

You came into my sanctuary
A hiding place where you could stay
I’d be your guardian angel
Every night I’d hear your prayer
I’d answer every single call
I’d give you everything and all

Open hearted as a child
I offered my love like a lamb
Divine, it’s mine for you to find
That’s more than I have (should give), but that’s how I am

(But) You’ve ruined my heart
(We) I broke / fell down into pieces apart
I should have known right from the start
That you would, you would ruin my heart

You told me you pity my pain
I’ve torn myself upon your scratches and thorns
My spilled blood left a stain
Through sleepless nights I lie awake and mourn
The breaking of that sacred shrine
That held you as my Valentine

Truly, purely as a child
I sacrificed myself like a lamb
Divine, it’s mine for you to hold
That’s more than I have (should give), but that’s how I am
(chorus )

© 2009 Music & words by Bernard Brogue

Show me your rainbow

That night by our fingertips we met
And all the sweet and tender words we said

The view right through our eyes so deep
You move my senses, you make me weep

Please will you call me
Give me a sign
Show me your rainbow
Make me feel secure, tell me you’re mine

Your biased mind is set to blame
Cause you troubles and my pain

Through my blind eyes I can see
And you tell you won’t be there for me

Don’t say you won’t be there for me (2x)


© 2009 Music & words by Bernard Brogue

The jewel in you

It was about time
The sun too soon to set
I couldn’t stop the clock
So many words could not be said

The train rolled off to leave
Your eyes out of my sight
The wheels were driving me
Into the lonely darkened night

The poppy coloured bend
The waves that touch the riverside
The stream that takes away
My memories like sand
And the weeping willow trees
Accompany my lonely tide
I cross the water wide
Longing to the jewel in you.

While I lie in my icy bed
The sheets should be your skin
Warm and tenderly
I’d be safe and sheltered in

And I’m dreaming of my trip
Can’t prevent you’re on the leave
Like a ship that sinks from view
I stand aside and grief .

The blue and misty dawn
A blackbird sings its weary song
The sun chases away
A falling star I wished upon
And the crowd that rushes by
Accompanies my lonely tide
I cross the river wide
Longing to the jewel in you. (chorus)

© 2009 Music & words by Bernard Brogue

Mourning Flight

You fell out of the blue
Colouring the grey
You were just in time
This bird was slightly delayed

Then the swan took wing
Climbing through the downy sky
‘til we reached the sunlight brightening our eyes

We were drowned in our airspace
High off the ground
‘til the touchdown drove us home

You told me about
Celtic streams, twilight scenes
And you danced on the edge
Of my wildest dreams

Nobody cared
We once shared
A fantasy

Our flight paths crossed
I see the store with souvenirs
We went our separate ways
And I’m left with memories

We were drowned in our airspace
High of the ground
‘til the touchdown drove us home

I’ll keep you in mind
Sweet memories are mine
Keep you in mind
Sweet memories...

© 2006 Music & words by Bernard Brogue

Kenny’s tune

© 2001 Music by Kenny Miller (Plight of the humblelflea), arr. Bernard Brogue & Tom Janssen

Slightly and shortly

Slightly and shortly
I catch your eyes, they’re like falling stars
There’s a crack in the wall, the door ajar
Our strongholds may keep us apart

Winter’s been cold and lonely
White blanket that shelters my wounds
A robin’s singing its song from a bare branch
Trying hard to chase away the gloom

So high and briefly
Like a swift you’re soaring by
In your boundless space you’re passing my place
And then you fade away

Oh, your budding beauty
I’m almost to scared to touch
My flaming hearts desire
I know you cannot stand too much


Now the evenings draw in
Shamrock that covers the dirt
Snowdrops brighten the veiled fields
Trying hard to relieve the hurts

Repeat 1

© 2010 Music & words by Bernard Brogue


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Technische rider

De Bernard Brogue Band heeft een eigen PA (voor een zaal tot 250 mensen), monitors en microfoons.

  • zang, gitaar (akoestische AER-versterker met D.I., soms met een Roland JC 120)
  • drumkit/percussie-set
  • bas (fretloze bas)

De Bernard Brogue Band speelt als trio en tegen meerprijs als kwartet (met saxofonist/dwarsfluitist).

Het trio kan ook in een semi-akoestische bezetting spelen met een laag volume en Bernard kan als solist of met een van de bandleden komen naar gelang het budget en vraag.


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