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"It would be easy to say that listening to a typical Bernard Brogue track like Birdwatching conjures up the same mood as Solid Air or Pink Moon but nowadays there are a multitude of singer songwriters who invoke the names of John Martyn and Nick Drake in an effort to share in their magic and give the impression that they stand on the shoulders of those giants.

I’ve been lucky enough to have co-written several songs with Bernard and I’ve seen that effort provide us with songs of which I am immensely proud. It’s sad to say but almost inevitable that, in this day of marketing and consumerism, even someone as individual as Bernard has to be filed under a particular category in order to be heard and so, if I was drawn, I would say his music could best be described as Celtic jazz, which he sets against contemporary lyrics that let us into his wandering heart. Now that is unique.”

Tom Fairnie

"(Brogue’s) songs are full of emotion, warmth and devotion… sometimes comfortless and mysterious, but always with a catchy melody line. The biggest compliment I can give to Brogue is that he is reminiscent of Nick Drake without being a straight replica."

Newfolksounds, dec. 1999

"With his combination of folk and jazz singer-songwriter Bernard Brogue is popular in the Netherlands and in Scotland (…). On Trick of light you can hear why: the man knows how to write good, catchy melodies."

Music Maker, dec. 2013

Bernard Brogue and band

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Bernard Brogue

Random Name

Biography Bernard

Bernard Brogue is a singer/songwriter, reminiscent of John Martyn, Nick Drake and Bruce Cockburn. He performs both solo and with his band with Michael Gustorff on fretless bass, Rob Lokhorst on saxophones and flute and Vincent Gal on drums and percussion.

In 1996 his song 'Down River', (later released on 'Birdwatching' ) has been voted second in a very high standard singer-songwriters contest at the Edinburgh International Festival. This achievement brings him to London for a small but successful solo tour (Bunjies,The 12 Bar).

September 2006 he releases his second CD 'Escape the day’ and the single ' Not before Christmas', which has been broadcasted on several Dutch radio-stations. Other projects follow (2013 ' Trick of light’, 2017 ‘Laif o laif’, in the Groningse dialect with Tammo Tamminga).

In the meantime Bernard tours both solo and with his band in the Netherlands and performs in august 2013 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Scotland's oldest concert hall St. Cecilia's Hall. Currently he is writing new songs and recording an album of solo-versions of older material and yet unreleased songs.

Michael Gustorff

Random Name

Biography Michael

born 1958 in Leverkusen (Germany), is a well-known and highly respected performer throughout Europe. He has been considered one of the finest jazz violinists in contemporary jazz before he switched from the violin to the bass guitar. Michael has often been featured as a guest soloist with major bands and orchestras, among them the radio big bands of Berlin and Frankfurt, the Millennium Jazz Orchestra, Dick de Graaf Septet, Trio Nuevo, Michael Gustorff Quartet and The Gust. He has worked with famous musicians such as Jiggs Whigham, John Taylor, Ted Nash, John Engels, Henk Haverhoek, Bert van den Brink…. to name a few and has played festivals and clubs all over Europe, Canada and Asia (Deutsches Jazz Festival Frankfurt, Leverkusener Jazztage, North Sea Jazz Festival, Dublin, Imatra, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, Bangalore, Barcelona, Helsinki, Madrid, Seoul..).

Michael can be heard on numerous CDs. For more information about his career as a violinist, please visit: www.gustorff.com.

His great expertise as a soloist provides him with the unique insight into what singers and soloists need on stage and how to support them the best as a bass player. Michael Gustorff teaches Improvisation, Jazz Ensembles, Band Coaching and Mental Training at the ‘ArtEZ University of the Arts’ in Arnhem, The Netherlands. He also worked as a teacher at the Codarts Conservatory Rotterdam, The Netherlands from 1990-1997 and the ‘Hochschule für Musik und Tanz’ Cologne, Germany from 1992-2016.

Vincent Gal

Random Name

Biography Vincent

Vincent plays drums and percussion and studied musicuniversity in Arnhem.

In his childhood he already started with pots and pans and since those days he has been playing modern music. He is a sessionmusician and freelancer and played in Grupo Azul, Orquesta Salabor, Sub rosa, Miles High, Easy Eddy and The Sweet Lovers, Jamback Affair and, of course, still going strong: the Bernard Brogue Band. Also playing timbales in ¡Parece Picante!, a Timba band from Amsterdam. Noteworthy: once a year he's recording a song with Jaap Krijger, another famous Dutch songwriter.

His set-up is a combination of percussion-instruments and more common drumaccessoires. All together he makes his own characteristic sound out of his instruments.

Rob Lokhorst

Random Name

Biography Rob

Rob Lokhorst is op zijn achttiende begonnen met dwarsfluit. Vanaf zijn negentiende ook altsaxofoon.

Luisterde in het begin van de jaren zeventig vooral naar bands als Supersister, Focus, Solution, Jethro Tull.

Vanaf eind jaren zeventig, begin jaren tachtig heeft hij veel gespeeld in allerlei bandjes, van allround tot jazz- en bluesbands en bigbands.

In 1983 / 1984 neemt hij les van Herman Schoonderwalt en recenter van Ad Colen. Speelt sinds april 1992 speelt Rob met Bernard Brogue, later ook in zijn band en op zijn CD’s. In de band van Bernard speelt hij bij optredens hoofdzakelijk sopraan- en altsaxofoon, alsmede sopraandwarsfluit.

Hij heeft daarnaast samen met Vincent Bergervoet een reparatiebedrijf voor saxofoon, dwarsfluit en klarinet.







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